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Multi row select...
Link Posted: 03-Aug-2005 07:52
I can't seem to get the flygrid to allow muliple selection even though I have set the MultiSelect to true under the options category.

I am obviously overlooking something??


Link Posted: 03-Aug-2005 08:26
It is very strange, please send me (develop @ 9rays.net) sample that shows this problem.
Link Posted: 04-Aug-2005 09:08
Have sent an example in for your support team to look at, probably is something I've done wrong.


Link Posted: 04-Aug-2005 11:22
I've tried your example on 1.0.9 and on prepared for release v1.0.10, but all
works fine.

if you using FlyGrid.Options.RowSelect = true and FlyGrid.Options.MultiSelect = true - whole rows will selected

if you using FlyGrid.Options.RowSelect = false and FlyGrid.Options.MultiSelect = false you van select block of cells.
Link Posted: 04-Aug-2005 12:06
To be honest I am a bit of a loss why the project I created would work on your machine and not mine  

The problem is I need this functionality and I am unsure why this is happening, it's so frustrating  

Thanks for the help anyway


If you have any thoughts please let me know.
Link Posted: 04-Aug-2005 21:58
Please try the latest v.1.0.10
Link Posted: 05-Aug-2005 02:36
I have tried v10 but this still does not make any difference.

Any ideas??