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performance of new version grid
Link Posted: 15-Aug-2005 21:49
i got a big down in performance after replaced version of a grid.
From 2-sec 5000 rows - to 68 seconds!!!
Do u know the reason?
Link Posted: 16-Aug-2005 01:22
It is very strange, as the performance is increased (you can see the VirtualGrid sample - grid with 500 cols x 10 000 rows is created less then 1 second).
Please send us (develop @ 9rays.net) to check your code and give you recommendations to improve performance.
Link Posted: 16-Aug-2005 04:17
I saw your code,

AddColumn("юцфф щчщуф", "UNIT_ID",100, colUnitId);

If you use databinding you shouldn't use BeginInit/endInit or after each BeginInit call EndInit (in your example code - you've forget to uncomment endInit or forget to comment BeginInit).

AddColumn("юцфф щчщуф", "UNIT_ID",100, colUnitId);


AddColumn("юцфф щчщуф", "UNIT_ID",100, colUnitId);

You can download a sample - FlyGrid.Net Fast DataBinding
to see that more than 2k records loads less than 1 second.