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Link Posted: 07-Feb-2006 04:16
i have e method that gets a collections of nodes, and select them.

i DONT have multiselect on.

what is behaviour expected frm the flygrid?
because i still get all the nodes selected.

Link Posted: 07-Feb-2006 22:36
I'm afraid not at all correctly understand your question, but I'll try.
If you programmatically select nodes these nodes will added to the selection list (even Multiselect option is off). But when user try to focus new node, this selection will cleared.
Multiselect option related to selection by mouse/keyboard.
Link Posted: 25-Jan-2009 21:35

I'm using and am experiencing that the programmatically selected node is NOT deselected when another node is clicked/selected. Multiselect = false.
I'm selecting nodes using Grid.Rows.Items[x].Selected = true
Is there any other way or workaround?