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Clearing data to re-populate, and different nested columns
Link Posted: 11-Dec-2006 14:50
Hello everybody, I've been using flygrids for a few months now and now I'm getting more and more complicated tasks. If anyone can help me with the following questions I'd really appreciate it.

1. I have a read-only flygrid that I populate using a couple datatables from flyGrid1_VirtualMode_GetNodeCellValue function. It shows up fine...but when the user clicks on a button, I want to clear out all the data, re-populate the datatables...and re-populate the flygrid. It gives me a null error sometimes. Does anyone know the proper way to clear out and repopulate a grid? What I started doing is removing and disposing every element in flygrid1.Rows.Items...and this works, but it is way too time consuming.

2. This is the more important question. You see, my flygrid is two layers...that means you have a set of columns and a set of nested columns. I want to be able to have a different set of nested columns for some rows. That means the top level is always the same, the nested set may have three or five columns (some may have three...some would have five). Is this possible? If so, can someone tell me how to set this up?

Here is pictorial diagram of what I'm trying to do:

+ col1 col2 col3
-  col1 col2 col3
------ subcol1 subcol2 subcol3
+ col1 col2 col3
-  col1 col2 col3
------ differentsubcol1 differentsubcol2 differentsubcol3 subcol4 subcol5

If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it

Thanks in advance
Link Posted: 12-Dec-2006 11:17
1. You can use BusinessObjects technology or same way to prvide data to FlyGrid more simply.
2. Unfortunately the current version of FlyGrid doesn't allows to use different column layouts in nesting. This will possible in the next major version of Flygrid.
Link Posted: 12-Dec-2006 11:22
Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to set columns invisible for certain rows? I need to have checkboxes for some rows and normal text for other rows.....what if all rows have the same columns but different rows show different visible columns. Is that possible?
Link Posted: 12-Dec-2006 11:28
No, directly this is impossible, but you can create column that will combine Text/Checkbox displaying for the certain rows.
Did you see the VerticalGrid Demo? May be this way feets your needs?
Link Posted: 12-Dec-2006 14:19
ok....can you tell me where is the VerticalGrid Demo? I didn't find it in C# or VB.NET Additional samples
Link Posted: 12-Dec-2006 14:58
See the \\Demo folder of FlyGrid.Net installation for the C# or Vb.Net demo sources.
Link Posted: 12-Dec-2006 16:10
omg this is amazing...i didnt even know this demo existed. hopefully i'll find what i'm looking for in here.

thx again
Link Posted: 30-Jul-2007 07:42
Hello everyone, a while back I had posted a question about setting different column sets for nesting (see the second question in the very first post in this thread). I was told that it wasn't possible in the version that was out then (in December 2006) but that it will be available in the next version of flygrid (see second post).

I want to know if this is possible now. Has the next release of FlyGrid come out, and if it has....is it possible to implement different sets of columns for nested grids?

Link Posted: 30-Jul-2007 07:59
Unofortunately that feature we're planning to represnt in the FlyGrid 2.0, that currently in the alhpa-state.