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Great idea! Totals row!
Link Posted: 25-Apr-2007 21:31
Hi I think FlyGrid is quite a mature product now. I am sure this is good time to take it to the next level !  

I am talking about totals row. Special node that sits on the bottom of the grid and can be fixed against scrolling and have a special format.

Most of grids I used before has it. Please consider to implement it!!  8)

Thank you!
Link Posted: 26-Apr-2007 21:16
I have thought it again and as introductory step (to speed up the whole thing) you can bring \"fixed row\" functionality at first.

E.g. property FixedRow with enum value (None, TopRow, Bottom Row), so the scrolling will not affect these if set. And totals we can do programmatically for now.

And later on you can bring on AutoSum and formulas etc..
Link Posted: 02-May-2007 20:31
Did you see the Bound Features\\Filters and Summaries sample?
This samples shows how to use and customize summaries in FlyGrid.
Link Posted: 29-May-2007 03:44
Thank you. Found the example. This is OK but not quite up to date.

SummaryKind.Average throw an error if you set it on Grid without data (in designer mode for example). Also average says \"AVERAGE=xx\" in summary row which is quite long and doesnt fit in usual 75 width if has long number. Should be \"AVG\" instead.

Also when I changed summary back color to something else than Control - grid had summarizing columns of new color and other columns were of gray color which is not nice at all.

I tried to set Count to every column which shouldnt be summarizing and set summary fore color same as summary back color (to hide unnecessary numbers) but they all had black fore color in run-time anyway.

Also I really require some custom text to be put into a summary column sometime. Something what can be calculated in code only.

So - having TotalRow as a Row would be more flexible as you can treat it as a normal data row but just fixed on a screen.

Summary doesnt fit well in practical needs.

Although I wont object if you can fix bugs (average and colors - should be Fore/Back colors for whole summary rows as super-colors over column-specific summary colors that I can remove gray) and give me property column.SummaryText which can override any text in summary from code.

I think it is very easy stuff. I am having deadline in 2 weeks. If I wont get all these by that time I am probably going to get back to using panel with labels to show Totals...