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Licensing Issues
Link Posted: 11-May-2007 05:24

I have been having troubled with the latest assmebly of the FlyGrid ( I have followed the instruction you posted in the other post about licensing issues (referencing the dll's instead of the GAC, manualy copying the lic file to the .net2.0 directory for vs2005), and I still have no luck getting rid of the dialog.

Interestingly, when I place the license using the dialog, it takes the file. However, when I open it up again, it now shows that it has a license! Why is the dialog coming up if I have flygrid pro?

Thanks for your help,
Link Posted: 11-May-2007 06:12

I have a workaround that I am using for now, but it is most certainly not ideal.

I have added my lic file to my project and am deploying it along with the dlls. The reason I don't like this solution is that someone could steal my lic file and use it in their application.

Please let me know if there is another (better) way of doing this, for some reason, the embedded licensing is failing. I am generating a licx file automatically in visual studio, but thats not solving the popup, only the presence of the lic file in the output directory appears to cure this problem.

Link Posted: 12-May-2007 07:20
You can embed your license file into all assemblies used FlyGrid.
To do it, add license to the project's use FlyGrid and mark this file (in the Properties window, BuildAction) as EmbeddedResource. In the process of your project compilation .lic file will embedded into managed resources of your assemblies.
Link Posted: 12-May-2007 07:23

Thank you for your reply. That does sound like a good idea, but I have a few questions:

how does flygrid's logic know to look in MY projects embedded resources for the lic file? We are deploying with ClickOnce as well, so I dont know if that affects licensing at all. We did definately have it working with a previous version of flygrid.


Link Posted: 12-May-2007 07:36
FlyGrid's licensing trying to find license in several locations: in the managed resources of calling asembly, in the assembly locations of calling assembly.
When license is correctly installed, Visual studio automatically embeds .lic file as embedded resource into projects used FlyGrid, when VS can't find license (due incorrect resolution of references to FlyGrid assemblies) you can do it by 2 ways:
1. Mentioned above: add .lic file to the project and embed license as managed reource.
2. Force VS license management bug and modify your project and add MSBuild task, that uses lc.exe (LicenseCompiler, MS utility) that will embed license during build process.