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Row sizing question...
Link Posted: 13-May-2007 18:24
Hi there...

Is there a setting that will allow me to dynamically size rows through code without allowing the user to resize the rows as well using the mouse?

For example, when I set Rows.RowSizing to None, then if I set a row's height with this code:

grid.Rows.SetNodeHeight(node, height);

... the new height is not used and it uses DefaultRowHeight instead.

But if I set Rows.RowSizing to 'Free' then the call to grid.Rows.SetNodeHeight works, but it also allows the user to resize the rows, which is undesirable in the app I'm building.

What I need is the ability to code row size changes, without allowing the user to resize the rows with the mouse.

Thanks in advance,

Link Posted: 21-May-2007 18:48
Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add new option to the RowsOptions to disable row resizing by user.