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Licensing Problems...
Link Posted: 16-May-2007 03:31
After downloading the new version of flygrid I am having a problem with the licensing.  I have read all the posts and including my license file into the flygrid net2.0 as well as referenced the most recent .dll's plus added the license to my project and set the Build Status to Embedded Resourse within the properties window, but none of these have solved my problem.  However I still get the nag screen when opening the forms in design mode within VS2005, but do not get the nag screen once I build and run the project.

Please could you help as I have spent a number of hours trying to solve this.

Thanks in advance

Link Posted: 20-May-2007 16:26
Im experiencing the same exact symptoms, thankfully it doesnt nag us when running outside the IDE so our customer is not angry, but this constant nagging in the IDE is terrible.
Link Posted: 01-Jun-2007 05:01
I'm still having the problem, I use you 'Place License' button and navigate to the license file, but for some reason the following splash screen pops up.

The 'Expired to:' date changes each day.  Please could you help resolve this for me as I always seem to get this or spend hours to get new versions to work.

Thanks in advance

Link Posted: 07-Jun-2007 17:39
Please download and install the latest version of FlyGrid.Net and when nag-screen will appear click the Set License button, choose your .lic file and click OK to embed your license directly to your code.
Link Posted: 10-Jun-2007 06:42
Still does not solve the problem.  I have done what you asked and it works for that session of VS, but if I then exit VS and enter my project again the nag screen re-appears.

Please help as this is really starting to annoy me now, as it is never simple installing a new version of flygrid.

Thanks in advance

Link Posted: 10-Jun-2007 06:52
If problem is still not solved (probably license text was not embedded into your code), please click Set License button on nag-screen, choose your .lic file and allow to copy license text to clipboard. Then paste copied text into FlyGrid.LicenseText property in the PropertyWindow of Visual Studio.
Link Posted: 10-Jun-2007 06:58
When I Set the License it did copy the license text into the licenseText property on the flygrid controls. I then exited VS, and re-entered again getting the NAG screen.  I have now clicked on a flygrid control and the licenseText property does not exist, where it did earlier.


Link Posted: 10-Jun-2007 07:14
Please examine the references to FlyGrid assemblies in your project, seems that VS lost references to the latest version or didn't save your forms before exit from VS.
Link Posted: 10-Jun-2007 09:09
I have removed the flygrid references from VS and added them again.  I also ensured that I made a change on a form and saved VS manually.  However this still does not change the problem of the nag screen re-appearing when I enter VS again.


Link Posted: 10-Jun-2007 09:19
Do you see the LicenseText property in the PropertyWindow?
This property is appears with the latest version of FlyGrid, probably you added references to the oldest version.