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Select cell contents
Link Posted: 07-Jun-2007 14:18

Is there a way to programmatically select the contents of a cell when the focus is shifted to the cell, In a similar way that text can be selected in a Windows.Forms TextBox control.
i.e. Using Textbox SelectionStart and SelectionLength properties

Link Posted: 17-Jun-2007 20:04
Ok, So I'm not hearing alot of support for this idea. But my client is really wanting this, or 'Excel like' functionality, where cells can be edited and navigated easily without the use of a mouse, and if a mouse is used to click a cell, any keypresses instantly replace the cell contents, not add to it. Try it in MS Excel and you will see what I mean.

I noticed it is close to it now, and the Enter and Escape keys seem to alternate between edit and navigate modes, (similar to Vi for the Linux users out there).

Can anyone help please. Something like a OnFocus() event that allows the text to be selected programatically.