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Sorting on a LookupListColumn
Link Posted: 13-Jun-2007 07:28
Here's my problem... I'm trying to get sorting to work on my FlyGrid in the easiest way possible. So, I set the flygrid.Columns.Options property to ColumnsOptions.ChangeSortOrderOnClick. This works great on most of my columns, but when sorting on a LookupListColumn, it appears to be sorting on the column.LookupBoundField instead of the column.LookupDisplayField.

So, can I get my column to sort on the display field without coding a workaround? And if not, what's the best approach to take with my workaround coding?

Link Posted: 19-Jun-2007 11:29
Anyone got some ideas for me to try?

I know I can code a derived column class that implements its own sort... But this seems like an awful lot of work.