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How do I set the value for the row header?
Link Posted: 16-Jul-2007 07:54
How do I set the value for the row header? Thanks.
Link Posted: 17-Dec-2007 08:48
I'm also looking on how to set the row header.
It looks like a Rows.Items[i].HeaderText  OR  node.HeaderText attribute needs to be added.
FlyGrid v1.5.3.43

(off topic) How to use the SetCellValue(i,o) ? Looks simple enough, but I can't get any cells to update,
Link Posted: 17-Dec-2007 23:56
The value for row header can be set through
Columns.Items[i].Caption property

Also, here's some code from documentation of SetCellValue method:
private void FillCells(float[] values, FlyGrid grid, string fieldName)
IEnumerator valuesEnumerator = values.GetEnumerator();
foreach(NodeBase node in grid.Rows.Items)
     node.SetCellValue(fieldName, valuesEnumerator.Current);