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Bug: Multi single cell select
Link Posted: 17-Jul-2007 05:29
In the \"Best Performance\" demo, disable RowSelect, enable MultiSelect, click on 'cell 0' in position 0,0 then hold control down and select 'cell 2' in postion 2,2.
Four cells become selected rather than the two cells which have been selected.
Shift + cell select works fine its just holding control down which seems to select apparently random cells.

Any news on a fix\\work around for this?

Link Posted: 23-Jul-2007 10:12
I reported a bug in the grid, too. I only got response after writing an email to the company. And the response I got was a single sentence, telling me I got it wrong!
You would hope to receive some gratitude for helping them to debug their product...
Also, email notification does not seem to work, so you have to check back on the forum yourself. Pretty lousy, too.

What a pity for such a great product.