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How top add combo box to DynamicallyAutoDetectDataTypeColumn
Link Posted: 30-Aug-2007 08:41
I would like to add a DynamicallyAutoDetectDataTypeColumn - some of them may be combo boxes. Each combo box will have a different range of data. How do I do this? the sample code has an editor FileNameBasedData for showing file open box but not how to display a combo box.

ANy help would be appreciated!!
Link Posted: 30-Aug-2007 10:51
Here  you can get additional example for the DynamicallyAutoDetectDataTypeColumn:

Notice the additional StringClass class to wrap string objects. It uses custom Editor and TypeConverter to implement combo box with predefined value.

Probably this is exactly what you are looking for.
Link Posted: 30-Aug-2007 12:52
I get the following error during compile:

Error  7  Unable to resolve type 'NineRays.Windows.Forms.FlyGrid, NineRays.FlyGrid, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a4c41e6c73e32dc8'  C:\\dropdownsecond\\licenses.licx  1  AutoColumnAndDropDownEditors
Link Posted: 30-Aug-2007 13:27
Link Posted: 30-Aug-2007 18:24
Yes, you have to provide a reference to the NineRays.FlyGrid.dll that you have in your Program Files\\9Rays.Net\\FlyGrid...\\Bin directory.