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Data bound performance
Link Posted: 23-Oct-2007 23:46

I am evaluating existing .Net grids where performance is top priority, and FlyGrid is indeed very fast in most scenarios that I have tried. But there is one very important scenario that FlyGrid is really slow.

The scenario is really simple, I have a FlyGird databound to a IBindingList where the datasource has no knowledge of the grid. The data source is normally connected to an external datafeed server, but in my test scenario it is a simple mock. Initally, this mock has no rows, but when I trigger it, it inserts 10 000 new rows in a tight loop to simulate a burst in the datafeed. This takes about 36 seconds on my very normal workstation, other grids performance much better. Xceed grid does this in 1.5 seconds.
I was really surprise by this results as FlyGrid is much better than xceed in my other tests.

Most FlyGrid samples is unbound, from what I can see.

My question is..., is this expected?
Do you have similar databound sample to follow?

Lars Krog-Jensen
Link Posted: 24-Oct-2007 01:47

Are you sure call the BeginUpdate/EndUpdate methods to disable any possible redrawing of the grid?

Can you put the code or even upload your Visual Studio project to ftp://download.9rays.net/9r_incoming/ ?

So we can check out your tests and fix possible performance issues.

Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 24-Oct-2007 04:21
The problem is that in databound scenario, the datasource implementation has no knowledge of whom is listening for its listchanges, and thus has no way of doing a Begin/EndUpdate on the grid.

What I am really is missing is somthing like IBatchBinding list that allows med to send all known changes in one event,

Anyway I tried to do a Begin/EndUpdate on the test, but it didn't have any affect.

I don't have a exmaple code at the moment, but will try to put one together.

Lars Krog-Jensen
Link Posted: 24-Oct-2007 07:22
Yes, an example would be great.