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Filter List At Nested grids
Link Posted: 20-Jan-2008 22:42
Dear All,
when I set the  RowFilter at a nested grid, the filterlist (here i.e. in the demo project) lists the items from the parent grid as well as the items from the nested grids. Is it possible to limit the list just to the items from the actual grid ??
Link Posted: 21-Jan-2008 00:19
You can use ColumnFilterValidate event in order to customize filters.
Link Posted: 21-Jan-2008 00:40
OK, with that I could throw out the undesired items.
But when I set the filter (here in the demo project) i.e. in the parent Column on 'Beverages', nothing appears anymore even int the child nested grid.
Is there a chance show the items of  nested grid anyhow?
Link Posted: 21-Jan-2008 09:02
I tested your scenario,
it looks like we have a bug here.

So we scheduled bug fix for the upcoming release (March).
Link Posted: 21-Jan-2008 09:25
OK, so I'm looking forward to March. THX for the info.

Link Posted: 26-Mar-2008 00:32
Hi EvgenyT,
any progress on the update? Related to the forum activities, the support for FlyGrid seems to drop off!