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adding images to Groups
Link Posted: 04-Feb-2008 23:26
How do I add an image to a group when using the Rows.Group method?
Link Posted: 05-Feb-2008 04:01
What kind of image do you mean?
Do you mean the plus/minus button?
Link Posted: 05-Feb-2008 20:16
I mean adding icons beside the plus/minus signs.
Link Posted: 06-Feb-2008 23:01
There's not built-in feature for this (except TreeViewNode class)
Anyway you can inherit standard HierachyColumn class and override the ShouldShowImages to return true for nodes requiring to draw image, OnGetNodeImageIndex to get index of FlyGrid.Images image.

Instead, you can create a node class that would implement INodeWithImage interface, so you would not need to inherit the HierachyColumn.
Link Posted: 09-Feb-2008 22:39
This did the trick.

I'm also trying to bind the grid's datasource to a generic list (List). It works OK , but only when there is no grouping. When I try to use the Group method nothing happens.