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Adding node to Fylgrid.Rows.SelectedNodes
Link Posted: 15-Feb-2008 00:07
Hi Fylgrid-Team

I use the flygrid in unbound mode and have multiselect activated.

Now i want to select a node, but without flygrid.Selected = node.
Because this would remove a multiselection, when one was active.
For this reason, i search a way to add a node to the actual selection.

It would be very nice, if you could give me an idea.

Greetings Curar
Link Posted: 18-Feb-2008 04:51
Please say something, when my question was not clear. Because some help would be very nice.

btw. i try to make a warkaround for, i think, a bug in the flygrid.
My first column is a HierachyColumn. And if it is expanded, it exist for all childs a
area at the beginning of every row, where the user can click and the row will not be selected.

Because of that i select now the row in the click event.
But i don't know a way to add this row to a previous selection, when ctrl or shift is pressed.
Setting the propertie "Selected" from the node to true is not enough.

Greetings Curar
Link Posted: 09-Mar-2008 23:55
Today, my original question is three weeks old. Please tell me, if you understood my error report or if the issue is difficult to reproduce. No response is a little bit strange, and not responding at all doesn't make the problem disappear.

Greetings Curar