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ERROR "System.Data.DataRowView"
Link Posted: 27-Mar-2008 05:39

I'm currently in training of computing engineering, i develop an application in vb.net..
I create with FlyGrid, a treeview which is linked to a datasource and datamember.I have initializecolumn and my columns on my database ( Access) appear on my grid.But when i run the debug in visual studio 2005, the rows on my  grid display : "System.Data.DataRowView"...while they is as much lines than lines in my database.

I don't known why there is problem, i use Flygrid demo at the moment to test this application and may be to buy it later.

Thanks you,


ps: sorry for my english, i'm french ;)
Link Posted: 26-May-2008 05:11
This is an issue with the .FieldName value. It is normally case sensitive (I think its a DataTable option). There appears to be an issue with VS dropping the value for .FieldName if it is the same as the .Caption. I got around this by make my .Caption be different from .FieldName, then VS put it into the InitializeComponent() method.