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Flygrid support - does this company still exist?
Link Posted: 29-Apr-2008 03:25

I have been trying to reach 9rays.net for several weeks by phone and email to look at purchasing full source code or support in order to overcome several GUI limitations in the current release, but cannot get any response?

If our fears are confirmed, that 9Rays support is no more, does anyone have an idea how we can achieve a spreadsheet with a wider spacing between rows and columns. Changing the line thickness nearly works, but when individual cells are selected the 'larger' cell is selected.

Link Posted: 14-May-2008 06:07
Buy a proper software mate. I am having a massive headache now as we went live and I cannot replace the grid and I cannot fix certain stuff.

You got what you paid for. (Was not my decision to buy it though).
Link Posted: 23-Jul-2009 03:14
Look into using Devxpress.Grid, I am now in the process of replacing all 9rays grid with DevExpress, there grid is brillient, support is second to none, and I think they are of simular price