Greetings! I am a FlyGrid newbie (I inherited a project that is using this control). I am using VS2005 with C#.

In my code, we override this method:

    public override void PaintCell(NineRays.Windows.Forms.Grids.CellDrawInfo dci)

In there, we figure out if we want to display the text as normal or as a bold item. We change the font on the dci to bold if required. The problem is that the text shown in the control is too large (because it is now bold) and FlyGrid shortens the displayed text and puts an underscore at the end.

Question: how to I tell FlyGrid that the cell size probably needs to be recalculated due to the change in font? It seems that doing this in PaintCell() may not be the best place. Any suggestions?

Many Thanks!