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Windows 7 is broken
Link Posted: 31-Aug-2009 10:40
We have used flygrid for several months now and been very happy with it. We started testing Windows 7 and the filtering on the columns does not work    I have called and emailed 9rays with no response. I just want to know if they are aware of the issue and have any plans to address it.

Link Posted: 01-Sep-2009 09:43
Thanks for your message.
Yes, we started to test FlyGrid on Windows7 and I think we'll publish Win7 compatible version next week.
Link Posted: 03-Sep-2009 03:33
Thank you for the update. I look forward to the update being released. I hate to tell you, but a customer found another item. Sorting on column headers does not work in Server 2008.

Link Posted: 03-Sep-2009 09:44
Thanks for the additional information.
Link Posted: 24-Sep-2009 07:16
Is there any update or ETA for the update? My boss is pushing me for an answer. We may have to start evaluating other vendors and I'm not particularly interested in doing that.


Link Posted: 06-Oct-2009 03:21
Please download the latest version of FlyGrid.Net v.1.5.6, this version is compatible with Windows7.