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Spices.Decompiler vs Reflector?
Link Posted: 19-Aug-2005 04:45
What are the differences between your Spices.Decompiler and the de-facto standard Roeder's Reflector?
Link Posted: 19-Aug-2005 04:56
1. Spices.Net as environment:
- Offers wide range of additional tools
- Modeler, to build various diagrams and models
- Investigator, to analyze assemblies from low level to Assembly Browser Level
- Informer, to get all detailed info about currently selected assembly member, find member on its token, deobfuscate stack trace, assemblies verification.
- has professional look and feel
more and more.
- Spices.Project centric - you can create Spices.Project with set of assemblies and manage this project (manage bookmarks, remove or add assemblies etc).
2. Spices.Decompiler
- decompile to 6 languages
- allows to get 'unoptimized' (raw) code
- decompiles to file
- selection of members decompilation
- total decompilation: AssemblyInfo creation, resources decompilation (to .resx if possible), VS project creation
3. Integrity -
   - you can upgrade your current Spices.Net modules with additional modules, such as Spices.Obfuscator and work in one app with your projects.
   - you can work with one set of assemblies - Spices.Project to protect, localize, analyze, document or decompile project assemblies.

We've prepared to release Spices.Net 5.0 that will have modern look and feel (OfficeXp, VS2003, VS2005) and a lot of
additional tools that will useful for each developer for convenient work, a lot of changes in Spices.Decompiler -
refactoring tools, additional options and modes, task management.
Spices.Obfuscator - full automation, additional protection modes and options, localization tools.
Spices.Documenter - full cycle of documentation management.
Upgrade will free for the customers of Spices.Net 4.5.x versions.