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Error after Decompiling DLL using Spices.Net
Link Posted: 03-Oct-2005 13:32
I decompile one DBojects.dll file using SPices.Net tool and make one project. Using this project I create another DBObjects.dll file.
When I use new DLL file in my project it shows me following error.

Could not load type DBObjects.DBObject from assembly DBObjects, Version=1.0.2103.7909, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null.

Moreover the Size of New DBObjects.dll is just 23 KB where is size of original DBOjects.dll file is 44 KB.  

Please Provide me the solution.

Link Posted: 04-Oct-2005 09:34
Send us (spices @ 9rays.net) this assembly (DBObjects) for inspection,
size can be less if you not include some of managed resources