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How do you debug strongly named assemblies?
Link Posted: 05-Oct-2005 16:11
I have an Exe which references a Dll and both are strongly named. I am trying to debug them using the VSIP but the obfuscator fails to re-sign the Exe (the DLL is OK) and the program cannot run.

If I specify an output folder other than the bin\debug folder of the Exe, the re-signing works, but then I cannot debug the assemblies.

Note- The re-signing of the Exe also fails if I use the Spices GUI instead of the VSIP.

I am using Spices

Link Posted: 10-Oct-2005 03:49
In some cases Visual Studio blocks .snk file and assembly resigning is failed.
To solve this problem copy your snk to another place and put new location of .snk file into the spices.project StrongNameKeyFile property.
Link Posted: 10-Oct-2005 12:01
This did not work.
I still get the problem that the exe cannot be re-signed when the obfuscation output folder is the same as the folder where the unobfuscated exe resides. As soon as I choose an alternate location the exe is signed without problems.

The problem is definitely being caused by the choice of folder. If I change the  obfuscation output folder to be the bin\debug folder of one of the dlls, that dll cannot be re-signed and the exe is re-signed fine.

I will email a test application to Support so that you can see what is happening.
Link Posted: 10-Nov-2005 15:12
v4.5.5.9 fixes the problem.

Just make sure you don't choose bin\debug (or bin\release) as the SaveToDirectory folder for obfuscated output.