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obfuscation error when using attribute class & AntiILDAS
Link Posted: 06-Oct-2005 10:46
If you add the ObfuscatorAttrs.cs to your project and then turn on the AntiILDASM setting, you get the following error when obfuscating.

----End of obfuscation C:\Temp\WindowsApplication11\bin\Release\ClassLibrary4.dll ------------
Total obfuscated members 20
Finish time:10:44:36 a.m.
Finish obfuscating project.
Verification of assemblies:
Results of C:\Temp\WindowsApplication11\Spices_output\ClassLibrary4.dll verification.
[MD] Error: TypeDef has a duplicate based on name+namespace, token=0x02000004, duplicate:token=0x0200000c.
[MD] Error: TypeDef has a duplicate based on name+namespace, token=0x0200000c, duplicate:token=0x02000004.

Is there a way around this?
Link Posted: 10-Oct-2005 03:55
This problem will solved in the nearest version, now simply remove NineRays.Decompiler namespace from ObfuscationAttrs.cs, rebuild your assemblies and obfuscate these assemblies again.
With antiILDASM = True or Complete Spices.Obfuscator automatically attaches NineRays.Decompiler.NotDecompile
attribute to obfuscated assemblies to prevent from decompilation by Spices.Decompiler.