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Spices.Net v4.5.5.9 is available for downloading
Link Posted: 15-Oct-2005 15:38
Latest update of Spices.Net v4.5.5.9 is available for downloading:
What's new:
  • Spices.Obfuscator: Some improvements and corrections, compatibility with .Net 2.0 (Beta1, Beta2, RC1) improvements.
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  • Spices.VSIP.Obfuscator: More convenient work with MS Visual Studio projects, now obfuscate-and-debug significantly more convenient.
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  • Spices.Decompiler: A lot of improvements and corrections.
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    Link Posted: 25-Oct-2005 09:20
    I would like to download the latest VSIP.Obfuscator version for registered users.

    What is the procedure we need to follow?

    Thank you
    Link Posted: 26-Oct-2005 07:33
    Please see your registration info and downloading instructions that you've received immediately after purchase, where you can find detailed info about how to download latest version of purchase product.
    Link Posted: 15-Nov-2005 05:35

    i've tried spices.net obfuscator (version and i it seems that it doesn't support Generics ???
    Link Posted: 16-Nov-2005 13:45
    Please download latest version 4.5.6