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How to create the release cab of the obfuscated assembly?
Link Posted: 25-Oct-2005 09:18
I need to create a release CAB of my application to be installed on Pocket PC terminals.

I want to obfuscate the assembly .exe file during "Build Cab" command of VS.NET 2003, so as the obfuscated version of the assembly is copied to the CAB file, not the original, "unprotected" file version.

Can you help?
Thank you
Panayotis Tzedakis
Link Posted: 01-Nov-2005 06:35
Now it is possible if you will use Spices.Obfuscator console version with VS BuildEvents command line. Unfortunately VS doesn't provide special event handler for the Build Cab command.
The new version of Spices.Net (5.0) will provide Spices.Obfuscator special obfuscation events to create cab file after obfuscation or make some operation during process of obfuscation.