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Multiple NotObfuscateMembers attributes
Link Posted: 15-Dec-2005 01:39
I want to NotObfuscate two classes in an assembly (and their members). What's the syntax in the assemblyinfo file for this. I'm currently trying:

[assembly: NineRays.Obfuscator.NotObfuscateMembers("TBS.Core.Viewer.Preferences.*")]
[assembly: NineRays.Obfuscator.NotObfuscateMembers("TBS.Core.Model.annotationStereotype.*")]

but only the first is not obfuscated
Link Posted: 15-Dec-2005 04:24
This problem is solved, fixed version will available tomorrow.
Link Posted: 19-Dec-2005 21:30
Any news on the availability of the fix? The downloads page is still only showing 4.5.6 dated November.
Link Posted: 20-Dec-2005 04:35
Sorry for delays, please download latest Spices.Net 4.6.