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Spices.Decompiler Evaluation
Link Posted: 08-Jul-2006 01:50

Is the evaluation a full features and decompile 100%?

Does it decompile 100% to original code , i hv tried others but not so good
therefore hopefully the evaluation allow to decompile 100% so that i see actual before purchasing?

Link Posted: 08-Jul-2006 21:54
Evaluation version decompiles about 50% of methods,
If you need to try decompilation quality you can send us test assembly to receive decompiled code (please specify language of decompilation).
Link Posted: 14-Sep-2009 07:36
I'd like to send you an assembly to check your product too.  To which email address should I send it?
Link Posted: 14-Sep-2009 07:45
Yes, of course. Please send your assembly to develop@9rays.net address. Please zip your assembly and change the extension of archive to .zap or or use RAR archiver to send us in a .rar format.