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Obfuscated library (dll) does not work on Windows 64 bit
Link Posted: 03-Mar-2007 02:36
When trying to load such a .dll from an application I get an error about a missing manifest info.

Works fine on 32 bit.

What could be wrong?
Link Posted: 03-Mar-2007 03:01
Can you provide more info:
1. This assembly is compiled with anyCPU option or targeted to x64 architecture?
2. What version of Spices.Net do you use?
3. It would be best if you'll provide us with this assembly and spices.project(or command line) used for this assembly(or project) obfuscation, this helps us to quickly determine and solve problem or give you recommendations. Please zip your files and change extension of archive to the .zap or .zip.txt before attaching and send to .
Link Posted: 03-Mar-2007 03:26
1) It happens both with \"anyCPU\" and with \"x64\".

2) Spices.Net v. (console)

3) It happens with any one-line \"hello world\" DLL.
Link Posted: 03-Mar-2007 03:34
Please update your copy of Spices.Net to the latest version, since v5.1.3 Spices.Net supported anyCPU and x64 targeted versions.
Link Posted: 03-Mar-2007 04:25
According to your home page, x64 was already supported in v5.0.2.2.

Do you have any reason to believe that updating will actually fix this problem, or is that just your standard reply?

I am only asking because updating usually requires re-activating etc., which is a real pain (command line generate key, e-mail to you, wait for new key, apply...).
Link Posted: 03-Mar-2007 04:29
And by the way, given the update process, It would be really nice with some release notes to figure if each release is relevant or not...

Just a suggestion!