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Link Posted: 16-May-2007 16:15
Here is a topics related to frequently asked questions.

9Rays.Net has a great FAQ doc that answers a lot of the commonly asked questions about Obfuscation and the Spices product suite.  
Take a look at these answers at FAQ collection
Link Posted: 16-May-2007 16:19
  • Create bat file (resign.bat for example) with following command line:
    \"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\\SDK\\v2.0\\Bin\\sn.exe\" -Ra %1 PathToYourPFXFile
  • [list]
  • PathToYourPFXFile - the full path to your .pfx file.
  • [/*:m]
  • \"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\\SDK\\v2.0\\Bin\\sn.exe\" - path to the sn.exe utility.
  • [/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
  • Open your Spices.Project (.iloprj).
  • [/*:m]
  • Open the Properties of project (Properties tab)
  • [/*:m]
  • Select ObfuscationEvents property and select AfterAssemblyGeneration
  • [/*:m]
  • Specify in this property (ObfuscationEvents.AfterAssemblyGeneration)
    path to the resign.bat created at step 1.
  • [/*:m]
  • Clear StrongNameKeyFile property if that property is specified.
  • [/*:m][/list:o]
    Link Posted: 04-Mar-2008 23:01
    I am working as software engineer. I was using free edition of spices.net to red dlls but after uninstall it. I am getting Browse in Spices.net Message. how i can remove this from right menu. I have checked registory. There is entry of this. Kindly suggest me asap. Please send me message on
    kakriarohit@gmail.com if possible.

    Tool is gr8 and i will purchase when i have some money for it. i had given reference of this tool to many persons who want to read dlls but those had not knowledge about this tool.

    Link Posted: 05-Mar-2008 03:57
    Probably you've used oldest version of incorrectly uninstalled Spices.Net.
    To solve that problem please install latest version of Spices.Net, run Spices.exe, click Edit->Settings command and set Preferences.AssociateSpicesWithExecutables to False.
    Link Posted: 06-Mar-2008 18:03

    it works fine..
    Kindly send me any new product information/ .net related information in future at kakriarohit@gmail.com
    I would like to hear from you.

    Thanks and Regards:
    Link Posted: 24-Mar-2008 05:50
    To recalculate application and deployment manifests and hashes of obfuscated files for ClickOnce after obfuscation please use Mage.exe utility.
    That utility is coming with .Net Framework SDK and can be downloaded here.