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Spices.net upgrade
Link Posted: 29-May-2007 23:28
I purchased a license for the spices suite a while back and currently have version installed.  I visited the site today and saw that a newer version was available - so I logged in but when I go to the download page I can not see any where to get the new version.  It only offers me the evaluation which refuses to install because it says I have a newer version.

Hoping you can assist.

Link Posted: 31-May-2007 02:24
Unfortunately your annual subscription on Spices.Net suite is expired, you can't update Spices.Net (but you can use currently installed version without time limitations).
You can prolong your subscription with 50% discount as existing customer, I've sent you necessary information how to obtain this discount, please check your mailbox
Link Posted: 24-Sep-2007 01:40
Where can I download 5.0 version. I ordered spice obfuscator in Feb 2006 and I don't want to upgrade it. Where can I find version available for me.
Link Posted: 24-Sep-2007 07:02
Please let me know, what version number do you want to receive?
Link Posted: 24-Sep-2007 09:38
[quote="NineRays"]Please let me know, what version number do you want to receive?

Thanks! You already solved my problem via email. Thanks again!