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String Encryption failing.
Link Posted: 26-Jul-2007 02:09
We currently use Spices.Net Suite v5.0.2.2 (runtime version 2.0.50727) and I am aware that our official support has ended, but hope there is a quick fix for this problem.

Our application was obfuscated without any problems up until the 31 May 2007.

Yesterday I obfuscated it and it no longer shows strings properly, as can be seen in the following screen shots:


The spices project has not been changed - it's locked down in our Source Control system, so can see no reason for the error.

Investigating this I played around with the StringEncyptionMode setting and found that the error occurs with any setting ('Hide', 'Encrypt', 'Encrypt3DES') except 'None'.

Any assistance?

Many thanks
Link Posted: 29-Jul-2007 21:26
Please update your Spices.Net to the latest version, that contains a lot of fixes and improvements.