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Code produced does not compile VB.NET 2005
Link Posted: 04-Sep-2007 07:34
I am trying to port an open source  library written in C# to Vb.NET 2005 using the latest version, and the code fails to compile. Maybe the tech support people can download it and attempt to recompile the VB.NET 2005 code, and since the source code is there too, you can probably fix it quickly.


By the way, I am a licensed user.

Jose Perez
Link Posted: 04-Sep-2007 21:05
Yes, we've received your request and working on solution of this problem.
Please remember that decompilation of assembly created by c# compiler to vb.net language has some incompatibilities because of difference between limitations of these languages. We're trying to minimize that problem, but it problem still exists.
We're preparing nearest update of Spices.Net planning to release to the end of this week, we'll try to solve that problem to this update.
Link Posted: 26-Nov-2007 16:02
I posted the question in August and we are now almost in December. I just downloaded the current version, and decompiled the same library, with the same issues.
Is there any way to get the code into VB.net, even having the source code in C# already?? Did I lose all my money??