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Spices.Obfuscation Console
Link Posted: 07-Jan-2008 09:11

I am using the Spices.Obfuscation Console.

I would like to know which parameters (options) I should use for obfuscate as KeepsInheritance (Protected = False, etc)

I'm using Spices.Net v.5.4.4.

Thanks in advance,

Link Posted: 09-Jan-2008 10:36
You can use OptionsGUI coming with Obfuscator console to manage spices.project for obfuscation and see the options of KeepInheritance mode. I'd like to recommend to use spices.project with Obfuscator console because spices.project provides more convenient way to manage obfuscation settings.
Link Posted: 12-Jan-2008 00:39
Thank you for information.
It was very useful.

Best regards,