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Serialization + Obfuscation
Link Posted: 20-Jan-2008 06:51

I was wonder, what is the best way to go about this (C#)

I have 2 projects, client, and server. Both share 2 classes (Linked in the one project, and in the other projects folder).

Both rely upon binary serialization, and therefore need to be the same. However, how would i tell Spices to name them the same? Shouild i create a new Project with these in, then reference that in both projects?

Link Posted: 20-Jan-2008 07:49
You can mark these classes with NineRays.Obfuscator.SpecialNameAttribute to specify certain name for obfuscation or use NineRays.Obfuscator.NotObfuscate attribute to exclude these classes from obfuscation (it will be better because classes used in serialization should be untouched)
You can add to your project NineRays.ObfuscationAttributes.dll to use these attributes, or use source code to embed into your proejct. These files you can find in the \SDK\Obfuscation Attributes subfolder of your Spices.Net installation folder.
If you use NineRays.ObfuscationAttributes.dll, you don't need to distribute that assembly with your application, attributes declared in that assembly is for mark/information purposes only and don't change your code behavior.
Link Posted: 20-Jan-2008 11:56
Ok, thanks