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Activation not working in!?
Link Posted: 26-Jan-2008 09:59

in the newest version the activation fails i get this everytime.

This is non-licensed version: This version will obfuscate assemblies, but mark them by "Obfuscated by Spices.Obfuscator" attribute.

And spices closes.
Link Posted: 26-Jan-2008 15:57
Please check your mailbox for the activated license. If you can't find license in your Inbox please try to find our activation response e-mail in the Spam box, probably it was marked as Spam.
Link Posted: 26-Jan-2008 21:54
After i reinstalled Spices and added the new licence file i get the same error.
Link Posted: 27-Jan-2008 04:20
Please check your mailbox for the new license and let me know how that license works.
Link Posted: 27-Jan-2008 06:22
With the new file it does not show the warning at the first obfuscation but then i obfuscate again sometimes i get the same warning as before and sometimes it works without any warning. Now i can work with spices again thanks for your help.
Link Posted: 27-Jan-2008 06:26
Please check your machine - probably you've multiple licenses stored.
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