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Application Error after obfuscation
Link Posted: 01-Feb-2008 04:02
All of my .NET 2.0 apps compile and run just fine in debug and release mode.  Up until last week, all of my apps ran just fine after obfuscation with Spices.Net.  I have all of my Spices projects saved per application so none of the settings were changed.  Now whenever I use Spices to obfuscate and then try to run my applications, I receive an error stating:

"The application filed to initialize properly (0xc000007b).  Click on OK to terminate the application."

Spices used to work fine on all of my assemblies and now it seems like it is just corrupting them.  None of my obfuscation settings have changed between then and now.  The applications still run fine in Debug and Release modes, just not after obfuscation.

Also, I tried using Microsoft's Dotfuscator and the applications run fine after obfuscation.  I prefer to use Spices.Net on my applications.  Any ideas?
Link Posted: 01-Feb-2008 04:20
Could you send us obfuscated version of your application, obfuscation settings, and if it is possible - original version of application?. It helps us analyze problem, fix it ASAP and give you recommendations to improve your assembly's obfuscation.
Please zip your files and change extension of archive to any other - .zap or .txt for example.
Link Posted: 01-Feb-2008 05:47
I sent an email to support@9rays.net.

Copied from my email:

"I am using Spices.Net version and Visual Studio 2008 with .NET 2.0.  I have also found that the error occurs on my machine and two other machines in my office (all running Windows XP) but does occur on a third (running Vista).  It also worked fine on a clean install of Windows XP SP2 in a virtual machine until I applied a windows update for .NET 2.0 SP1 (I tested this behavior twice).  Are there any issues with this .NET update?"
Link Posted: 01-Feb-2008 06:30
Thanks for the files, I'll let you know when results of our analysis or when fixes will available for download.
Link Posted: 12-Feb-2008 07:44
Has there been any updates on this issue?
Link Posted: 19-Feb-2008 04:54
Our analysis shows us that only VB.Net apps compiled with VS2008 Vb compiler cause that problem,
VB.Net assemblies generated with VS2003, VS2005 compilers and C# assemblies (vs2003, vs2005, vs2008) don't cause that problem.
We still haven't solution, please use VS2005 VB.Net compiler to compile your VB app and correctly obfuscate it.
Link Posted: 20-Feb-2008 00:13
We've solved that problem. Please download today urgent update (v.5.4.6) from our site.
The problem was in incorrect PE(portable executable) format generated by VB.Net 2008 compiler.
We've done great work to fix it and now Spices.Obfuscator generating correct executables for that type (VB.Net 2008) of assemblies.