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Cannot apply exclusions
Link Posted: 11-Feb-2008 03:45
Hi All,

I need to exclude particular namespaces from obfuscation process (and naturally, all contained types). I tried to use "properties\exclusion patterns" for that purpose. I use the following entry:
where Atoll.pocketControls.Helpers is a name of a namespace to be excluded.

After obfuscation completed i check resulting assembly and found that all types within Atoll.pocketControls.Helpers have their original names (as well as their members), but implementation of all methods and properties is obfuscated! Namely, each type contains some generated internal class that executes implementation code.

All not excluded types in the other namespaces are properly obfuscated.

Is it possible to exclude particular types or namespaces from obfuscation process completly?

I use Spices.Net v.

Best regards,
Link Posted: 12-Feb-2008 23:39

Could somebody from 9Rays guys, please, answer me? What am I doing wrong? We must exclude those namespaces but we do not know how.

Our company @TOLL Gmbh, we use a licensed version of Spices.Net.

Best regards,
Link Posted: 19-Feb-2008 04:57
Sorry for delays with answer.
Seems that you've Anonymizer settings applied. Please set Anonymizer settings to None to solve that problem.
Link Posted: 19-Feb-2008 05:26

Thanks for the answer!

But I am still a little bit confused: if I set Anonymizer settings to None then all the other namespaces of the assembly will not be anonymized as well, am I right?

The aim is to obfuscate particular namespaces in assembly and leave particular namespaces intact. Is that possible?

Best regards,
Dmytro Ivanets
@TOLL Gmbh
Link Posted: 19-Feb-2008 05:40
Yes, of course. If you want to exclude certain methods from anonymization you should mark them by NineRays.Obfuscator.DontAnonymizeAttribute and NineRays.Obfuscator.DontStubAttribute attributes which you can find in the NineRays.ObfuscationAttributes.dll in Sdk\Obfuscation Attributes folder. Just add reference to that assembly to your project and use these attributes in your project (it's not necessary to distribute that assembly with your application).
Another way - to turn Anonymizer.StubUntouchedMethod option off. In this case untouched methods won't be stubbed-anonymized.
Hope that info help you to configure obfuscation settings correctly.