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Does the Eval version let me sign my assemblies?
Link Posted: 07-Apr-2008 06:46
I have tried a few times to sign using a *.snk file and every time it tells me failed.  Is this a limitation of the evaluation version?  If not, has anyone run into this problem before?
Link Posted: 07-Apr-2008 09:31
Evaluation version has the same functionality than fully functional version but marking obfuscated assemblies by 'Obfuscated by Eval version. Not for commercial purposes'.
Probably problem in that your original assemblies were compiled but not signed before compilation. Please sign your assemblies in process of build, in that case they will be resigned successfully after obfuscation.
Link Posted: 07-Apr-2008 11:03
It is signed after compile with a private key file *.pfx.  Either way if I try to re-sign with the pfx or the snk file it always fails.
Link Posted: 07-Apr-2008 16:13
If you use .pfx file to resign your assemblies, please use ObfuscationEvents to call sn.exe utility. This utility which comes with .Net Framework SDK helps you to make your files signed. We've solution of this problem but haven't release it yet. I think it will happens at the end of this week.
PS: More detailly how to resign your assemblies with .pfx you can know here:
How to resign my assemblies by using .pfx file