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Deobfuscate Stack Trace function
Link Posted: 10-Apr-2008 22:54
We've send you two emails (to support@9rays.net) this week with the same questions but got no answer until now, so we'll try the forum...

1) We can’t get the “Deobfuscate Stack Trace” function to work.
We’ve obfuscated a file (with creation of Map file). If we now reopen Spices.Net,
load the project and call the Deobfuscate Stack Trace function Spices.Net shows a
stack trace but all items are shown with it’s obfuscated names (please take a look
at the attached screenshot).

2) How can we use the “Deobfuscate Stack Trace” function to deobfuscate a stack
trace of an older version (a previous version of our software which even is obfuscated).
Do we have to backup any Obfuscator output file to perform such a task?
Link Posted: 20-Apr-2008 20:37
We just want to say that your support is very very unprofessional. Since two weeks now we are trying to get an answer to our question.We have send two different e-mails to your support (on 08 Apr and 10 Apr) and have created this forum entry (on 11 Apr).
Because of this we're forced to buy another obfuscation tool. So this morning our company has ordered 6 licences from another vendor.