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Obfuscation + Localization (Satellite assemblies)
Link Posted: 16-Apr-2008 11:58
I have problems with obfuscating my localized .NET application.
It consists of the main assembly and several satellite assemblies automatically generated my MS VS 2008 (satellites contain resources only).

Obfuscation doesn't work on satellite assemblies even when I add them to the project. I guess it is because of MS VS feaure - the autogenerated sattelite assemblies don't have references to the main assembly. It is normal for the .NET, but because of it the Obfuscator cannot work with the satellites.

I need some help, solution or a new version of the program that will support obfuscation of standart .NET localized applications.
Link Posted: 22-May-2008 22:12
Could you send us your main assembly and one of the satellite assemblies to make some tests and solve that problem?
Link Posted: 06-Jun-2008 13:09
Already did it, but received no answer...
9rays has very poor or none technical support...