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Decompiliation Problem?
Link Posted: 12-May-2008 04:10
Hi All

I'm testing using the evaulation version to decompile an assembly.  I'm presumably doing something fairly stupid -it doesn't appear to do anything!

I start a new project, specifying my executable. The namespace view appears in the left panel. I rightclick any item and choose Decompile! > C# and a task is added to the panel on the right with the status "Running".  

After this, nothing seems to happen.  Am I just supposed to wait?  It's been working for some time and I only asked it to decompile one method!

Little help?
Link Posted: 30-Mar-2009 03:37
I'm seeing the same thing.

Obfuscation, Decompiling, all just add tasks to the task list as "running", but nothing happens.

Spices.Net  evaluation version

C#  Assembly built on VS 2008
Link Posted: 31-Mar-2009 04:16
We saw this with Vista, but trying it on XP worked fine.
Link Posted: 31-Mar-2009 06:32
Ya, I'm seeing it on Vista.