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Obfuscate single assembly for patch
Link Posted: 13-May-2008 20:41
Hello Everyone!
The problem is; I have a project for obfuscation which contains multiple assemblies, on every release the whole project is obfuscated. The project file and mapping file is also generated, but problem is if the patch is needed I can;t obfuscate the whole project. I just need to obfuscate a single assembly file.

Please guide me how can I obfuscate a single assembly, to replace that assembly with old one and run the whole application perfectly without method, field or event missing errors.

Link Posted: 22-May-2008 10:19
I'm sorry for delays with answer.
For these purposes Spices.Obfuscator offers Incremental Obfuscation feature.
Please set ObfuscationOptions.IncrementalObfuscation property to true for each assembly to solve your problem.