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Integrating Obfuscated assemblies with Setup project
Link Posted: 18-Dec-2008 18:30
     Kindly reply  for this. I am not able to proceed further since this problem is not solved. Otherwise we can setup a call to discuss about this.

    We purchased Spices.VSIP.Net Suite product for obfuscation. But I am new to this product. I am facing the following problem with this tool.
I have one application. This application is going to be deployed using MSI setup. For deploying this I created a setup project in VS2005 and gave the primary output of my application as input to this setup project. Whenever i build my setup project it will automatically build my application and take the output of my application build. Now I want my setup project to take obfuscated assemblies of my application. How to automate this process? This needs the following sequence

1. Build the application
2. Obfuscate the built assemblies
3. Give these obfuscated assemblies as input to the setup project
4. Build the setup project.

So I need to break the dependency between my primary output and setup project. so that i can use my obfuscated assemblies.

Here the problem is that I have some custom actions in my setup project. That also needs to be executed. For creating the custom actions I need the primary output of my application.

So if i give my application's output as primary output to my setup project, i will be able to create my custom actions. Otherwise in runtime i could not create it.

In order to solve this problem whenever I build my application, It should give obfuscated assemblies as output. So I can create primary output for my setup project from my application's output. So that whenever i build my setup project, it will internally build my application. But my application will provide obfuscated assemblies as output. So my setup project will take obfuscated assemblies and all the custom actions will also be executed.

For this I need to integrate spices.net and build process of my application.

Kindly Help me on this issue. If you are able to provide any sample code or Sample sequence i will be grateful to you.

Thank you in advance

Srirangam K
Link Posted: 29-Dec-2008 23:24
    Kindly help me on this issue. I am not able to proceed further. If required we can setup call for discussion.

Srirangam K