9Rays.Net invites .NET GUI developers to learn more about Instrumentation Widgetsby browsing through its newly presented on-line video guide.

The Instrumentation Widgets components allow creating professionally-looking computer simulators and graphical user interfaces for .NET applications. This software product has proven itself as easy in use as well as a reliable one. But now, due to these simple and informative videos, it has become even easier to get a clue on some of Instrumentation Widgets functions and on some ways of managing its components in applications.
These videos are a vivid illustration of controls use accompanied by dynamic code snippets and quality audio tracks. From now on, anyone is able to explore the comprehensive samples of how to work with Instrumentation Widgets components. The videos have been courteously contributed by Mr. Brice Richard, a good and respected friend of 9Rays.Net.

The video guide is comprised of two sample application presentations – Wind Chill Index Calculation (WindChill1 & WindChill2) and Picture View (PicView1 & PicView2).

Feel free to view the video examples on-line on 9Rays’ web site.