What's new:[list]
  • This version introduces new module of Spices.Obfuscator - Spices.Optimizer.
    This module decreases size of protected assembly up to 25%, by removing(pruning) unusable members and improve metadata.
    We'll continue to develop and improve this module to generate more fast and improved assemblies with effective protection.
    Try ObfuscationOptions.Optimizer options to see how to Spices.Obfuscator will optimize .Net code.
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  • Spices.Informer - UsageStats reporter now provides more detailed info.
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  • Spices.Obfuscator - now allows to open obfuscated assemblies in new project (see the Tools->Open Obfuscation Results).
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  • Spices.Obfuscator - improved Pinvoke methods obfuscation.
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  • Spices.Obfuscator - new dictionaries in ObfuscationOptions.Naming available.
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