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Obfuscation map?
Link Posted: 09-Jul-2008 15:14
I'm using the evaluation version ( with NAnt to obfuscate a dll.   I'm calling out to nrobfuscate directly with an exec task.  
I believe I have obfuscation working, using the 'F' option for full obfuscation.  What I'm currently trying to understand is how I deobfuscate a stack trace at this point.  I can't find any sort of mapping file that the obfuscator used.    We use Zelix Klassmaster to obfuscate our Java code, and that produces a "zkm.remap" file, which can be used to translate the stack traces.   What is the equivalent file for the spices.net obfuscator?
Link Posted: 10-Jul-2008 06:41
Deobfuscating customer stack traces is a critical feature for using an obfuscator, so I cannot recommend spices.net without an answer to this.
Link Posted: 13-Jul-2008 05:12
I was expecting a reply in a day or two.
Link Posted: 14-Jul-2008 14:49
Link Posted: 21-Jan-2010 09:37
I tried "deobfuscate stack trace" feature of this Obfuscator, and it seemed completely non-functional to me. Just shows errors or empty result, always.