Developers are able to create spectacularly powerful applications, which transform everyday life for individuals, but when a company’s assets or reputation are on the line the stakes become much higher. CryptoSharp Security Library, at last available commercially, is the tool to combat this threat.

9Rays.Net CryptoSharp is a newly developed security and encryption library, which is now available to the general developer community. Containing an array of powerful tools, hash functions, and ciphers, CryptoSharp is designed to bring a complete package of encryption and security aids easily to hand.  Data compression and encryption are accomplished with platform independent code that will work in 32 bit and 64 bit environments. Advanced features such as Encrypted Storage provide reliable protection for structured and file-based data.

Copying the required component set from the 9Rays.Net CryptoSharp Security Library allows the developer the ability to transparently load the compatible components for an environment.  CryptoSharp will adapt automatically to the operating system, number of cores, and hardware configuration of the environment being used. Basic and multi-threaded ciphers can be loaded into the CryptoSharp Security Library simultaneously and are automatically accessed by single core and multi core systems as needed.

A unique key manager component makes the developer’s task of managing user supplied passwords and binary keys easy. This will save an enormous amount of time and headaches for developers otherwise forced to write code for the management of passwords and keys.

Prominent in the CryptoSharp toolkit is the file shredder, which securely removes data after it has been encrypted, making it impossible to recover the original data from the traces left on the hard disk. The file data is scrambled to such an extent that the original file cannot be reconstituted by any means.

With all these capabilities encapsulated in one package, CryptoSharp is the preeminent tool for developers today to secure important intellectual property from those who would misuse it.