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Generics obfuscation problem
Link Posted: 09-Feb-2010 08:20

I have a problem obfuscating a generic class, I send you an email asking for help and attached some sample, but I have received no answer yet.

Did you received my mail?
Link Posted: 09-Feb-2010 15:00
Unfortunately we haven't receive your message. Please resend your message, we'll try to solve your problem ASAP.
*Please note that we're usually answer within 24 hours and if you don't receive any message from us - don't hesitate to try once again.
Link Posted: 10-Feb-2010 00:23
I sent it again.
Link Posted: 10-Feb-2010 14:41
Sorry, but we haven't received your message.
Could you provide us with download link to download binaries? Please send this link via Private Messages service of yours MyAccount area (please log on and go to http://www.9rays.net/Account.aspx to access your private area).
Link Posted: 11-Feb-2010 00:19
When I try to send through MyAccount>Messages I get an error "Recipient doesn't exist", may be that is why you don't receive my mail. I sent it from "Contact us" form.
Link Posted: 11-Feb-2010 06:10
Please use my e-mail address: develop@9rays.net